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Brushed Aluminum prints

A premium product are our prints on brushed (silver) aluminum. We started this product type solely for Ironman and triathlon courses. To give the prints a more 'iron' look. But the end results were so cool, that now you can use this material for almost any course that you want. As it is light, it is well-suited also for large formats and art pieces.
White is not printed on brushed aluminum, therefor we have chosen to limit the background (color) options to white and black. We want to see that amazing looking silver aluminum! When you pick a white background, only the course and texts are printed. When you pick black, everything except the course and texts are printed.

Aluminum Dibond

What exactly is this aluminum? We use aluminum dibond of 3 mm thick. Dibond is a material that consist of 3 layers. In this case, the outer layers are of (brushed) aluminum. The inner layer is made out of plastic (polyethylene).

Aluminum Sizes

Available sizes for Sportymaps prints on brushed aluminum are: