Sportymaps / Customizing your Sportymaps print

Customizing your Sportymaps print

With the Sportymaps online editor, you can create your own print in 4 easy steps. In the editor, you can use the Sportymaps building blocks and design options we have selected and have been using since 2015. These are the four steps to create your custom Sportymaps print:

  1. Select the material you want to have your print on. At the moment, we offer a paper poster and two options printed on aluminum.
  2. Find the event or course you want. Search our database of hand drawn courses! Can't find the course you want? Please fill in the request form and we'll try to add it for you.
  3. Your chosen course is shown in the online editor. Here you can change the background color, select a size and add or change texts. Add your name and finish time for instance, or change the distance to a notation in miles instead of our default in km's. Have a good final look at the preview, because that is what we will print for you!
  4. Add your design to the cart. Add more prints or frames if you want and pay. Your order will be processed and the files will be sent to our global printing partners.

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